Dragon Riders

A Fish Fry

Rsz giant archerfish by caramitten

Our heroes head towards Stonefang Pass, to aid the Dwarven King Rangrim in reclaiming this trade route from evil orcs. They find out quickly that this pass when not properly secured is treacherous. While passing a majestic waterfall they are attack by hippagriffs and giant archerfish. These animals attacked on instinct. Their new found area was being invaded. Long story short our adventurers got wet and tamed but not defeated. They continue down the path and come to the enterance of Stonefang Pass. A wide tunnel opening adorned with pillar carvings of Giants and Dwarfs. As the water rushes down the side of the intimidating doorway, Eldonic Bar’el sneaks a peek of what lies ahead. Stirges, the giant mosquitoes sit feasting on Dwarven corpses sucking out what blood is left. Its dark, the group decides to rest for the night. In the morning they trek inside the tunnel. The stirges are gone filled with their dinner. The entry looks safe but still our heroes are cautious. Their caution is justified when a quake begins. Guillium Cross, the strong bard, fall in a cassavas and when the shaking stopped they find that they’re not alone. Our venturers are greeted with Death Jump Spiders….



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